Goma kashi and kuro goma kashi– little sesame-seed candies from Japan. If you ever get bored with all the snacks in your home country (I acknowledge that is probably a very big if), the last thing you should do is swear off snacks. Go to a world market or grocery for immigrants. There will be so many new flavors to try that you will wonder how you got stuck with such a poor education.

Just as a warning- this is an allegory. Thought I would let you know ahead of time.

When my boyfriend and I want to taste Asia without leaving Indianapolis, we visit the local small but well-packed Japanese grocery store that sells everything from baby octopi to Hello Kitty-brand marshmallows. And Pocky. I’ve never seen such giant boxes of Pocky anywhere else. I imagine survivalists stock up on their Pocky supplies at Sakura Mart. When civilization burns, there WILL be biscuit sticks partially dipped in chocolate.

Last time we visited Sakura Mart on an empty-calorie run, we wanted to experiment. I picked the goma kashi mix and BF chose a bag of Ponske-brand wheat-based nuggets.

The little tiger on the front of the bag of Ponske is alarmed and fighting off fierce waves of wheat nuggets. That’s my interpretation of what the brand’s mascot is doing, anyway.

The Ponske tasted sweet and herbed at the same time. Didn’t expect that. Its flavor could barely be compared to anything either BF or I had tasted before. The goma kashi crumbled into sticky, nutty mouthfuls; the kuro goma kashi– black and warmly sweetened- was especially addictive. It’s probably just as well that I can’t get anything like it in the candy aisle at Walgreens.

I am no longer sure how to tie this story into my intended allegory.

My original point was that if you aren’t feeling inspired creatively, then maybe it would help to experience something different. The very definition of not feeling inspired is that nothing new is coming to mind. So put something new in your mind. But seriously, this is hardly bleeding-edge advice.

Maybe you should just go buy some Japanese snacks and wait for the combination of sugar and herbs to hit your brain hard in the Cortex of Breathtaking Originality. If I had some goma kashi at hand I probably would have written a better post.

Photos credit: #1 and #2 JoJoTheModern, CC 2.0 Attribution


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